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Government Of Assam Personnel

Voluntary Retirement

1. A Government of Assam servant may retireany time after he/she has reached the age of 50 or has completed 20 years of service, whichever is earlier, with three months notice given to approprtiate authority.

2. In case of a governemnt servant retiring after 20 years, the qualifying period shall be extended by not more than 5 years for pensionary benefits subject to the condition that the total qualifying period rendered by the servant does not in any case exceeed 33 years or take him/her beyond the date of supperannuation.

3. National increase in the qualifying sevice shall not entitle a Assam govt servant to any notional fixation of pay for the purpose of collecting pension and deat-cum-retirement gratuity, which will continue to be regulated with reference to his actual date of retirement as defined in the Assam Services (Pension) Rules, 1969.

4. the benefit envisaged above shall not extend to govt servants retiring on attaining 50 years of age but with less than 30 years of service or those being released from service prematuredly by the governemtn in public interest under F.R.52(b) of F.Rs and S.Rs

For detailed reference, please check the documents below:

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