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Government Of Assam Personnel

RFD (Results Framework Document)


Creation, development and management of higly efficient, accountable, responsive, transparent and ethical workf force of the Governement


Formulation and Implementation of dynamic framework of personnel policies and procedures for overall development and management of human resources by encouraging competence, efficiency and innovation at all levels of government for the purpose of Good Governance, recruiting the best talent for the government, providing efficient cadre management of all services, promotion of ethics and values through inculcating and supporting a culture of transparency, accountability and zero tolerance of corruption in public affairs at all levels of governance, capacity building of Civil
servants for prompt and efficient delivery of services and institutionalizing a system of continuous and constructive engagement with all the stake-holders to make the Civil Servants more responsive, efficient and effective.


  • Formulation and enforcement of sound personnel policies, service rules and procedures
  • Improve effectiveness of Recruitment, Promotion and management of IAS & ACS cadres
  • Capacity building of Civil Servants
  • Quick and efficient disposal of claims of civil service personnel
  • Enhancing IT applications in personnel management
  • Ensuring efficiency, transparency and accountability in governance and innovation in personnel management
  • Effective action against delinquent personnel


  • Appointment of ACS Officers, Promotion, Transfer, Departmental proceedings, allowing of retirement benefits and all relevant service matters and conditions of IAS and ACS Officers
  • Cadre management including periodic cadre review of IAS/ ACS
  • Creation/ Upgradation of Gazetted posts and creation of ex-cadre Posts for IAS/ ACS Officers, etc
  • Framing of policies relating to Service Rules and general principles relating to service and their interpretation thereof The concurrence of the department is required in the following matters (a) Relaxation of any Service Rule (b) Relaxation of any general service condition (c) Creation of any post or payment of any additional remuneration to any gazetted officer
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